Technical Data Center


The Technical Library

Established in 1979 and considered as one o the major specialized libraries in the oil and gas field, and went through development stages with the development of the company's activities. In the beginning it was not as it appears these days but a technical recording quarter of what relate to the industrial compound of contractors and consultant. The actual starting date was in 1984.i

The Library's Tasks:

Provides technical services to be available to every employee in the company according to needs and interest, these services represented in containing books, standards and specifications, reports and other leaflets.

The Library's Collectables:

  • Books.
  • Standards and Specifications.
  • Drawings.
  • Manuals.
  • Technical Studies.

All beneficiaries of researchers and specialist can get any information through the internal network " Web" .i

Printing, Bending and scanning services :

There are a specific division for printing all the administrational forms of the company, also binding the documents and records for all departments of the company.i

Office Instruments :

A specialized division to provide, fellow and maintenance the copy machines of all divisions and departments.i