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  Obstacles prevent the commissioning of the Ethylene plant

 The entity of Mercury element in the raw material of the Ethylene plant (Diesel) .i

 Mercury ( Hg ) .i

 It is a chemical element with an atomic number (80). It is a silver fluid with density 13.54 g\c.m, under 38.9°of heat; freeze and looked blue silvered.i

 Entity :i

 The mercury element can be found in the raw material ( The Diesel ) which be broke thermally to produce ( Ethylene, Propylene, ..etc ), this raw material is provided by the refinery of Raslanuf which depended to LERCO company " The Libyan Emirates Processing Company ".i

 The Mercury is an impurity attached to raw oil produced by MESLA and SARIR oil fields depended to AGOCO " Arabian Golf Oil Company ", it has been noticed the entity of mercury when LERCO started exporting diesel during the liberation war, taking in consideration that the allowed amount according to STONE corporation and The International French Institute is less than 1ppd.i

  Effects :i

 The entity of Mercury in the raw material means its entity in the commissioning processes in the Ethylene plant and the used equipments which can cause the following damages :i

 1i- Negative effects on the catalyst which used in the reactors in the Ethylene plant.i

 2i- Damaging the Aluminum plates of the thermal converters in the cold box.i

 3 - Damaging some parts of the Rinthlaby which made in Aluminum.

 Taken Procedures:

 A meeting was held between LERCO, AGOCO and RASCO to execute tests on the raw oil samples and the product of Diesel.